June 06-09 2024 
About our Retreat 
This is the anti-retreat for realists and anyone tired of the same old wellness culture, including spiritual bypassing, the search for a guru and the hunt for dogmatic rules.
We’re not offering you the typical serene escape. Instead, we invite you to a down-to-earth experience that allows for chaos and the messiness of life and relationships. It's a genuine dive into what it means to truly connect with yourself and others.
Over three days, as unpredictable as life itself, we'll navigate through a series of real, raw experiences designed to strip away the glossy surface of the usual pretense. "Real Talk, Real Walk" is about fostering an authentic connection with yourself and life. Through a combination of somatic practices, Fluentbody movement, straight forward group sharings, breathwork, and meditation sessions, you'll discover a sense
of belonging that's as sincere and embodied as it is joyful. Every element of this retreat is designed to celebrate the real, the absurd and the wonderfully human aspects of our existence.
Join Us: If you're ready to embrace a weekend of honest self-discovery and unexpected insights. Here, we don't just accept imperfections, we celebrate them. We are calling in those who dare to live unapologetically, find humor in the mess and walk their talk, no matter how wobbly the steps.
Ready for something real?
This retreat sprouted from the idea to combine the cosmic realms of André and Florencia—like a smoothie made of galaxies. Equipped with the treasures of know-how in embodiment, they've decided it's time to deliver their soulchild into the world.  Together, they're fueled by the heartfelt wish to merge their superpowers, aiming to craft something that is bigger than the sum of their parts. Get ready for a retreat experience that promises to be a heartfelt hug in human form, magnified by two. 
Join us for a retreat that's as real as you are, and let's discover the magic of authenticity together.​​​​​​​
🌟 Facilitators
Florencia Lamarca was born in 1981 in Uruguay. She brings 20 years of dance experience, primarily training and performing for the notorious Batsheva Dance Company with Ohad Naharin, creator of the famous Gaga Movement. She was also a guest dancer for 12 years at Sasha Waltz, among other dance companies.
Having worked as a somatic therapist since 2011, she is a certified Grinberg & Pantarei practitioner and has since developed her own approach to healing drawing on her experience and knowledge.
She has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops and retreats combining her extensive knowledge of dance, professional movement research and somatic therapy.
Florencia is the founder of the Fluentbody™ method. Since 2021 she is offering a Fluentbody™ Teacher Training in her Academy based in Berlin. The depth of her understanding of bodies moving, feeling, expressing and healing enables a unique space for transformation and awakening of the potential that lies within you.
More info:
ANDRÉ LAUBNER  |  Somatic Theraphy & Bodywork

Specialized in Embodiment, Personal Development and Somatic Therapy Born in 1984, André’s journey to becoming a somatic practitioner for personal growth is both personal and profound. Motivated by his own
struggles with obesity, depression, insomnia, and panic attacks in his 20s, André transformed these challenges into catalysts for change, guiding him towards practices that nurture both physical and emotional wellbeing.
André's deep interest in the body-mind connection to overcome his personal challenges has led him to acquire extensive expertise in the therapeutic domain, integrating a broad array of therapeutic skills, including certifications in Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy, the Pantarei Approach, breathwork, mindfulness, coaching, massage therapy, and personal training. His passion for the benefits of fasting, supported by more than twenty years of personal experience also plays an important role in his holistic approach to healing. 
André emphasises individually tailored Somatic Bodywork sessions to meet his clients' individual needs, further enhancing his practice with advice on nutrition, fasting, and herbal remedies.
With a genuine dedication to personal growth and more than a decade of expertise in the realm of holistic wellbeing, he guides individuals and groups on profound journeys of self-discovery and empowerment in Berlin and across the globe. 
His blend of skills and experiences, gathered through both personal exploration and professional development, makes him a compassionate and understanding guide, always approaching his work from a place of humility and a deep respect for the individual paths of those he assists.

Over 3 days, you'll delve into the treasures of your body, explore voice and expression, practice breathwork, and immerse yourself in FluentBody movement and meditation. Engage in sharing circles and group exercises aimed at deepening self-connection and fostering authentic relationships. Join us for a journey of self-discovery and community connection, guided by experienced facilitators dedicated to your well-being and growth.

Accommodation Options
All accommodation are the same price, the sooner you book, the more choice you have.
8 spots for 4 Double Rooms -> 20 € per Night per Person 
9 spots in the 9 Bed Dorm -> 20 €per Night per Person 
6 spots in the 6 Bed Dorm ->  20 € per Night per Person 
4 x Campingspots at the venue -> 20 € per Night per Person
5 x Van ->  20 € per Night per Person -> €60
Please tell us in your registration your accommodation wish.
If you would like to book your spot on the separated Camping Spot (on the Lake, 5 min walk to the venue), please get in contact via the link below.

Talk to us if you are keen to take part but cannot afford the price.  

Arrival Address

Lindenstraße 10C
19089, Barnin

By Train
Check for the Train Station ‘Crivitz’ from here there is sometimes a RUF Bus or we will arrange someone to pick you up.
We will manage, i am sure about that.

Check with yourself if this program is for you!
✅ This is for you, if
you are curious about how to perceive and express your feelings.
you are interested in the universe of somatics and embodiment.
you are looking for a wholesome approach to self and co-regulation.
you are willing to open up to the wisdom of your body.
you are curious about navigating through your feelings and stories.
you are ready for a change in your life.

❌ This is not for you, if
being vulnerable in groups is a challenge you don’t want to face.
touch is an absolute no-go for you (as we work with somatic techniques such as heart/belly holding).
you are primarily seeking 1:1 support for mental/emotional/physical health challenges.
If you are aiming to resolve serious mental health challenges. 
We can’t wait to create a trustful and supportive group atmosphere and take this journey all together.

🥗 Food
To nurture our bodies, the healthy kitchen will serve us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals included in the price package. 
We serve a healthy delicious vegetarian food.  If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organizer when making your registration.

 Transparency in Investment   
Where your Money goes 

Sliding participation fee: 
We believe in fair educational opportunities for all, which is why we offer a sliding participation fee. You decide what this workshop is worth to you - choose an amount between  480 € and  600 €. Your investment in yourself is also an investment in the community.

Accommodation | Food ->120,00 €
Studio rent | Sauna | Fire ->80 €
2 Facilitators -> 175 -  275,00 €
Production- > 85 - 125, 00 €
in total for the full retreat => 480,00 € - 600,00 €

Important conditions:
A deposit of 33% is required to confirm your Retreat booking until 06.05.2024. After this date, payments are collected in full. The remaining amount of your balance is due 30 days before the Retreat starts.
Installment options are available through various methods of payment Wise, Paypal, and Bankaccount.

✅ What's included
4 days / 3 nights of accommodation
3 daily delicious and nutritious vegan/veg meals per day
Free pass to all classes offered by Real Walk & Real Talk during the time of your stay
Access to the Lake, Sauna (if announced) & 
Herbal teas and Water served throughout the day

⛔ Cancellation Policy
100% deposit refund
if canceled 30+ days before the retreat start date (until Mai 06, 2024)
50% deposit refund
if canceled 15-29 days before the retreat start date (Mai 07 to 20, 2024)
0% deposit refund
if canceled 0-14 days before the retreat start date (Mai 21 to June 6, 2024)
We looking forward to welcome you
Foto by - @betweenthebranches
Thank you! See you soon...

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