OtherLand & Guest
Otherland 7-Days Retreat by Mosso Art & Guest
 July 22-28.07.2024
All Genders
African Dance | ConTango | Contact Improvisation | Embodyment | Somatics
 Welcome to the dance retreat "Otherland"! In the Land of elves and fairies on the Barnin lake near Schwerin, we invite you to an intensive week in which you can live out your passion for movement and sharing it with others and yourself. 
Our focus is on creative expression, community and inner transformation.  A 7-day immersion into the treasures of your body, your movements, your feelings and the power of community to bring out the independence that lives within you.

The retreat offers an opportunity to step out of the everyday and into your natural ability to blend into your environment and go with the natural flow.  Otherland is a moving journey through cultures and invites the opportunity to enjoy, regulate and focus on the essential, to be precise, only on yourself. We invite you to listen to yourself in the bosom of nature, nestled in the cradle of rhythms and dance, carried by the flow of community. In this way we learn to expand our human experience and express our true potential. Here we remember the treasures that exist in our bodies, beyond thoughts, concepts or ideas of who we should be.
We invite to our retreat artists from African dance, teachers from contemporary dance, specialists in somatic work and not to forget that life goes through the stomach. So the preparation of our meals will be an inspiring part of this retreat. Learn for yourself how to prepare imaginative and healthy food. We will experience all of this in the Elbenland on Lake Barnin in the centre of a small village near Schwerin. Between Berlin and Hamburg.  The atmosphere of this place will nourish our energies with grounding nature and amazing vegan and vegetarian food.
Offers and Teacher​​​​​​​
A Vocabulary of Touch with Rosalind Holgate Smithwith
 a focus on Listening & Soft Touch Techniques
In my classes I will introduce listening and soft-touch techniques which facilitate the dispersion of tension and tone, making way for buoyant movement, and floating forms of flight. Dissolving notions of humans as contained within singular sacs of skin, we will attend to the space through which we relate, to people, the environment and the experience of Othnerness we encounter within. In expanding our attention to time and space we will establish a global receptivity and explore composing together as collections of force, continually disassembling, assimilating and coalescing. With a lightness developed through techniques of hovering and dissolving we will extend into surrounding surfaces, work on evenely distributing weight and sustaining states of fluidity in falling and flying. Classes will include partnering, phrases and composition play. ​​​​​​​
Rosalind Holgate Smith is a Dance Artist, Choreographer & Somatic Educator from the UK, and based in Berlin. She creates performances, installations and art that investigate intimate experiences between people, place and the environment. Her approach to both teaching and practice draws inspiration from her training in Contact Improvisation as well as somatic studies in Body-Mind Centering®, Skinner Release Technique, Authentic movement, Capoeira, African dance and aquatic bodywork. She has danced also extensively outdoors, underwater and with raw materials such as soil and trees. She holds a BA(hons) in Fine Art & Choreography from Dartington, a Masters in Dance Creative practice from Laban and ID and for the past 4 years she has been working on a PhD, investigating Touch as an encounter with Otherness and the vocabulary from Contact Improvisation. Rosalind is also a yoga instructor and teaches swimming with the Alexander Technique. https://rosalindholgate-smith.com
Otherland Cooking Intensive with Alon Ritter 

Dear movers and friends, we are very excited to invite you to a super unique experience of a Cooking intensive 
During the event Alon Ritter will be offering 4 ecstatic dinners, and each dinner will have 5 slots for brave people who would like to take part in a holistic, sensual, improvised, embodied cooking dance session. 

The intensive will include- 
Gathering & Connecting meditation
Warm Up dance
creating the dinner vision together 
connecting to the ingredients 
mindful & ecstatic cooking process 
preparing & decorating the dining table 
Inviting all the group and guiding the eating ceremony
All above while dancing and improvising 
Sharing in the end

During the process we will experience the connection between dance-touche-cooking-group improvisation-sensuality-beauty & freedom
Alon Ritter is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner with a BA in music education.
Specialising in Somatic Dance, Tango, Contact improvisation, Voice & Movement Improvisation, and embodiment as a way of life.
His unique methods and approach as well as his background in Mindfulness and theraphy have made his courses taught after internationally in the last decade. Alon also leads regular classes and private lessons at festivals and theatre academies where he works closely with artists to maximise their creative and physical potential as performers. 
Pedro Paz
Pedro is a researcher in the field of Movement and Contact Improvisation and has a background in classical and contemporary dance techniques. He has directed artistic projects, companies, retreats and gatherings, including Arrábida Labs. In total he has about twenty years of professional experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. Focused on the theme of “Self-awareness for the Collective Energetic Field”, Pedro believes that dance is a liberating tool for truthful interactions, empowering us through our embodied Presence.
We come from a family of musicians from Mbour on the coast of Senegal. We have been connected to music for generations.
We were born dancing, singing and drumming.
The stage has been our world since childhood. Our aim is to share our culture.
We organize djembe and dance workshops for schools, companies and private individuals.
Isma Kouate, Nago Sene and Famara Manafa come from a well-known family of musicians (Griot) from Senegal and perform throughout Europe with Saf Sap New Generation.
The focus is on fun - Original Energy!
Katja Richter studied Choreographie at the Academy of Arts "Ernst Busch".
In 2007, she received a scholarship for the choreographic exchange to Dartington College of Art in England, followed by an assistant to Ismael Ivo.
Her choreographic work included, for example, productions at Hebbel am Ufer, Gripstheater, Berliner Festspielhaus, and Tacheles et al.
She choreographed music videos such as Dickes-B and Dancehall Caballeros of the Berlin band Seeed and let her performers in dizzying heights of 89 meters for the 50th anniversary of Gropiusstadt conquer the skies.
As a stunt woman, she worked in more than 50 films. by Tom Tykwer, the Wachowski brothers, Paul Anderson, and Wolfgang Becker.
She also teaches choreographic craft in an international workshop series.
Accommodation Options
Otherland accommodations offer 4 double rooms and 6-person shared dorms,  9-person shared dorms, option for 4 Tents on the Land 4-6 Campervan Parkingslots or you Camp at the Campingplatz 5 min walk 
Arrival 22.07. Time: 14:00 / Final Time 28.07: 18:00
You have 3 options of accommodations to choose from. Check the details and prices below. 
Shared Dorm
Private Double Room
Private Single Room

During 7 days, our group will gather in the morning and afternoon to dive into different classes and in the evening to Jam, spent time on the fire or Sauna.
early morning meditation
Sharing Groups (how I am)
Body massage | Somatic | Breath
Moment Jam
Fire | Sauna

The exact timetable and schedule will be tailored to the needs of the group as we go. 
You can count on two practices a day and time in between to relax.

To nurture our bodies, the Otherland healthy kitchen will serve us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets included in the price package. Smoothies, juices, and fresh coconuts are available on their menu for you. 
As already mentioned in advance, there will be vegan and vegetarian food. If you have any intolerances, it is very helpful to let us know in advance. We will prepare a light, nutritious breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be a journey through the culinary world and you can be part of this journey, learn how to cook magically and take these ideas back into your world. 
The following options are included:
Filtered water
Herbal tea

 Investment and conditions
Retreat Start date: 22 July 24 - 2:00 PM
Retreat End date: 28 July 24 - 18:00 PM

Registration & details below :
How we Calculate:
Accommodation -> 120,00 €
Studio -> 90,00 €
Facilitator / Workshop Sessions -> 295,00 €
Production-> 135,00 €
Food -> 100,00 €
per Person =>740,00 €
Deposit 33% ->244€

Arrival Address

Lindenstraße 10C
19089, Barnin

By Train
Check for the Train Station ‘Crivitz’ from here there is sometimes a RUF Bus or we will arrange someone to pick you up.
We will manage, i am sure about that.
possible to book your Camping Spot on the Lake, 5 min walk
 (please ask the Camping Place for the price, what we know is 15 € per Person  
please get in contact: https://stellplatz.info/wohnmobilstellplatz/am-waldchen-stellplatz-hofladen-cafe#Kontakt

we offer 6 Helper Spot 
As a helper we ask you to support our journey together for 3 hours a day. Tasks such as kitchen help, tidying up, being attentive to what the room and the team need, tea station, are on the list. Your task is special, because you are an important part of this journey, without you the room cannot unfold so beautifully. We are happy to have you with us. We charge 18 € per hour, which we will deduct from your costs. 

we offer 4 Support Teacher Spot 
As a support teacher we ask you to support our journey together for 2 hours per day. We would need you to help lead a morning meditation or guid a warm up for the evening jam or support one of our teachers. You can also help with tidying up and taking care of what the room and the team needs. Your role is important, because without you the space cannot develop as beautifully. We are happy to have you with us. We charge €27 per hour, which we will deduct from your costs. 
Talk to us if you are keen to take part but cannot afford the price.
Important conditions:
A deposit of 33% is required to confirm your booking until Jun 22th, 2024. 
After this date, payments are collected in full.
The remaining amount of your balance is due 30 days before the Retreat starts.
Installment options are available through various methods of payment Wise, Paypal, Bankaccount.

✅ What's included
7 days / 6 nights of accommodation at Amsel Tango
3 daily delicious and nutritious vegan/veg meals per day
Dance sessions, Bodywork sessions with wonderful Teachers 
Free pass to all classes offered by Otherland during the time of your stay
Access to the Lake, sauna (in the Evening & announced)
Herbal teas and water served throughout the day

⛔ Cancellation Policy
100% deposit refund
if canceled 30+ days before the retreat start date (until 22.06. 2024)
50% deposit refund
if canceled 15-29 days before the retreat start date (23.06. to 08.07. 2024)
0% deposit refund
if canceled 0-14 days before the retreat start date (08.07.2024)
Thank you! You will receive asap an Email with all further details.Happy to have you with us.

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