What happened to you in the last 3.5 years that made you the person you are today?
It is a document of time, a glimpse into the community drawn into an individual story. Narrated, danced and incredibly touching.
Movere Momentum has its genesis in a dance film project that comes from the heart and has the desire to be a contemporary document for the coming generation. 
Now this production is to find its journey from the screen back to the stage in reality, touching and tangible. 
We ask the question "What have the last 3.5 years done to you to make you the person you are today?". 
This journey started with an intensive workshop on June 17 , are new Team tell there Storry, diven into the memories, feel and give expression to these experiences. 
Drawing, moving, texting, sound, all that where we can find expression. 
These individual stories all arised from a collective movement and yet each has its own story that touches or not. 
We are all connected and in constant movement and dependence on what is happening around us and within us.
The first Journey was shown on 8/9.7.2022 at 8 pm @ Ackerstadtpalast
supported by
23-27.04.2023, London, 7pm
"Stability is a matter of physical definition, at least if you go with Rosalind Holgate Smith and Katja Keya Richter the performance duo. Rosalind Holgate Smith, choreographer and dance maker, and Katja Keya Richter, stuntwoman, trained choreographer, and IT consultant, experiment with the phenomenon of "vibration" in "Vi.berations". Their body-movement laboratory is based on experimental setups from physics, biology, and everyday culture. In the research series, we increasingly rotate around ourselves: 
How regularly do people move around their own inner pole of calm? 
And what brings us out of balance? 
Or: What natural vibration is given to every human being
 and what influence do artificial vibrations have on us?"
Idee & Choreografie: Rosalind Holgate Smith & Katja Keya Richter 
Performance: Rosalind Holgate Smith & Katja Keya Richter and Guests
Dramaturgie: Anne Pantaleon

Ab 16 Jahre empfohlen.
Spieldauer: 90 Minuten. Keine Pause

Uraufführung am 03.06.2022
07./08.10.2022, 20.00 Uhr
im Acker Stadt Palast Berlin
supported by DisTanzSolo


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