liquid space & grounded base 26.06-30.06.2024. Hey, so nice to feel you and happy for your Registration. You will hear from us very soon. Vega, Hugh & Keya
with Vega Luukkonen
Hugh Stanier & Keya Richter

🌿 Five days of Contact Improvisation & Bodywork In a beautiful rural environment !

You are invited to join us in the village of Barnin (2.5 hours from Berlin towards Hamburg)  to dance, connect, nourish and restore.

The mornings will be for Contact Improvisation. Focusing on working through developmental movement patterns, finding effortless efficient pathways - and elastic, fluid transitions. With a view into how contact improvisation and movement can have regenerative effects on our body / mind and deeply influence how we choose to move through life.

The afternoons we will give attention to bodywork and hands-on practices. Experiential anatomy through guided bodywork sessions will give us the space to explore and discover how to offer touch, and will guide us to understand more about our own body and the different layers of our being.

We will offer tools of how to give and receive touch from a space of presence and awareness, which creates held and nourishing space for all of us. From this place the touch that we share can have a profoundly nourishing and restorative effect.

The Evenings are dedicated jamming, and integrating through dancing, or resting, or enjoying the sauna, and sitting by the fireside ! 🔥

The week is fully catered with Nourishing vegetarian food 🥦🍎🥕

The calm nature surroundings will accompany us to have a wonderful journey together ! ☀️

Registration & details below :
Journey fee 
sliding scale ->  480-560
Please Note Accommodations Cost are separate. 

Arrival Address

Lindenstraße 10C
19089, Barnin

By Train
Check for the Train Station ‘Crivitz’ from here there is sometimes a RUF Bus or we will arrange someone to pick you up.
We will manage, i am sure about that.
Accommodation Fee
4 Double Room 40 € per Night per Person ->  160 €
9 Bett Dorm 20 €per Night per Person -> 100 €
6 Bett Dorm 20 € per Night per Person -> 100 €
4 x Camping at Toralf Place 15 € per Night per Person  -> 60 €
5 x Van 15 € per Night per Person -> €60
possible to book your Camping Spot on the Lake, 5 min walk
please get in contact:

we offer 6 Helper Spot 
As a helper we ask you to support our journey together for 2 hours a day. Tasks such as kitchen help, tidying up, being attentive to what the room and the team need, tea station, are on the list. Your task is special, because you are an important part of this journey, without you the room cannot unfold so beautifully. We are happy to have you with us. We charge 18 € per hour, which we will deduct from your costs. 

Talk to us if you are keen to take part but cannot afford the price.

🧡 We look forward to moving with you !

fotographer Sebastian Luzzi Insta: @sebandbeats
fotographer IG: @I_Tal_Siano |



Feel you on the dancefloor ! 

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