VIBRATION Weekend Workshop
Keya Richter and Rosalind Holgate Smith
- - 21. 5 / BERLIN - -
In this 1-day dance workshop we will explore the force of VIBRATION’s: their frequency and resonance through space and the body. Drawing on somatic bodywork and instant composition we will embody our internal sea of fluids to give substance to this investigation. We will start slowly and work technically to feel the subtle and energetic affects of vibrations; how they move through our connective tissues, muscles, bones and joints. Playing with speed, and the distance and proximity between bodies we will develop dances based on reverberations; qualities of accord and substance that will to shape relationships.

We will draw also on tools from Contact Improvisation, to shake up the soup and create chaos to examine how we can cope. In these times of global upheaval and environmental destruction we are wondering what occurs when we break old patterns and commit to states of instability together. Through rocking the ground fluid in which all our cells bathe we will question where is individual and collective centre? and when and how we are off balance? In this research practice we  will remember the body as a collection of forces made up and the same sea. In and off this same soup that breaths freely in time and space, we will invite release to recover our flow, accompany each other in movement and co-regulate together. 

Guided by Rosalind Holgate Smith and Katja Keya Richter, a Berlin based performance. Rosalind Holgate Smith is a Choreographer, dancer and visual artist, and Katja Keya Richter; a stuntwoman, Choreographer and IT consultant. In this workshop they will share their love of dance as an investigative practice!

And where we find an inner pole of calm? 
How is your essential vibration?
What influence do artificial vibrations have on us?

Key Words: 
sound, breath
Saturday 21.5.
10:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 16:00
Fee : 40 €

Let yourself be surprised - by the energy, the sounds & the vibration. Our sound bath for stressed people who long for peace and inner harmony. The sound bath brings inner peace, balance and chaotic relationship back into harmony and that in every body cell. It clears the mind and makes you feel light. 
more information:
The vibration lasts for a long time after the treatment.
arriving at 6pm
start 7pm till 9pm
Fee:10 €


Feel you on the dancefloor ! 

Dear thanks,we are happy that you are with us.We hereby confirm your participation and see you on 21.05.2022 at 10.00 am at Schönfließer Str.07, 10439 Berlin.See you on the dance floorGreetings Rosalind & Keya

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