We will perform again @Ackerstadtpalast 23/24.06.2023
Christine / Guest
„This piece, not only thought provoking but heart evoking, it moved me. Such authentic performance by the artists, and their collaborative process bringing this together is magnificent .“

Coco Gediehn: / Guest
I was still thinking a lot about the beautiful evening. I was very impressed to hear afterwards that you developed the piece in only one week.
It's great how much collective energy you produced. The crowd scenes touched me the most. Shifting the piano when one of you was a wandering bench. Brilliant! The feeling you were able to convey as a monologuing mass on the picnic blanket. Also the self-portrayals at the end. How much situational wit you showed! Super potential. What it would be like if you had more time to work it out. The costumes could be improved. But even so, the evening was never boring. Thank you for the beautiful performance.
Christine Mensch. / Guest
The new show “Movere Momentum” of German contact improvisation director Katja Keya Richter is about our patterns. We cherish them, yet we feel we feel sheer relief when these patterns are broken. At least, at the beginning. And then again we start to suffer with nightmares of the new continuum.
Seven artists are telling their life of last 2,5 years - pandemic time - by their different bodies and less different languages: English, Deutsch, Polish and Chinese. What has changed and what they understood of themselves for that time. Which naturally stimulates the audience to reflect on their time marked by Corona and thus somehow finish it - hopefully.
Spectacular patterns of body language and sincere stories are sometimes interrupted by the from-otherside, mystic appearance of modest musician. With panther grace he walks silently in, opens the piano and does what only God can: pure improvisation. No patterns, no reflection - just sounds born in moment under fingers and let outside to people’s hearts, never to be repeated.
Another characters acknowledge this God and even perform a collective attempt to serve him: gorgeous woman suddenly suggests her back to him instead of piano chair, then others share her experience.. But human habits take over, and lithurgeia turns to the secular party at a bar, when merry visitors ring up the jazzy musician, demonstrating to him friendly excitement - and then, since they’re bored, they fly to another bar, so the instrument again is the only “friend” of guy...
Another transcendental alternative in the show is loving relations. This part is the top eye-catching: athletic man and woman in climbing/parachute equipment are mutually balancing, carefully giving each other space to express in ma- cabre swaying geometry. Yet the feeling of this border to seize one’s expression is only timely perfect - so the show ends up with the videoprojection of 7 lonely people, all happily smiling to the camera, trying to create the impression of ever-friends folks, like “Whatever difficulties we might meet, anyhow we’ll stick together”. And such Hollywood happy-end has opposite effect, loading you up with anxiety. The only remedy to which is Divine Improvisation - if we pay attention enough to recognize it through our patterns.
Baja / Performer
Being part of this project was deeply inspiring and transformational. We woven the thread of a common story by vulnerably sharing our hearts, and it was incredible to watch how it fitted naturally together like a puzzle. Expressing what has been happening with movement, words, music and poetry opened new perspectives and insights for me.
I strongly feel that these topics are to be shared, not forgotten or hidden under the carpet, perhaps to encourage
everyone to look directly at what is happening in us and around us.

Christine Sollie / Performer
“What happened to you the last 2.5 years that made you the person you are?
Movere Momentum & @mossoart
Gave me the honest opportunity to reflect on this question and bring my resonances into a performative setting. ...
Yes, I became more nomadic, more audacious and more vulnerable. Hanging on a rope, playing with weight, meeting Bryn in a journey of trust, strength and playfulness...
Looking forward to collaborating more with @mossoart who so patiently held all of us unfolding our prompts and sensations in this performance. “
Blauhauch Theater Company (Blauhauchcompany.com) (Movere momentum -What has happened in the last 2,5 years that made me the person I am today? ) - moments of movement, moments of song - this piece touches very intimate experiences of a few persons lives during the height of the corona pandemic. It is vulnerable and full of magic. An multidisciplinary piece that will awaken the senses and ask us, what does it mean to be alive in these times?

It is a document of time, a glimpse into the community drawn into an individual story. Narrated, danced and incredibly touching.
Movere Momentum has its genesis in a dance film project that comes from the heart and has the desire to be a contemporary document for the coming generation. 
Now this production is to find its journey from the screen back to the stage in reality, touching and tangible. 
We ask the question "What have the last two years done to you to make you the person you are today?". 
This journey started with an intensive workshop on July 2 and 3.2022 In nature, we dived into the memories, feel and give expressions to these experiences. 
Drawing, moving, texting, sound. 
These individual stories all arised from a collective movement and yet each has its own story that touches or not. 
We are all connected and in constant movement and dependence on what is happening around us and within us.
After this intensive, it went into a search process, the documentary, which was then be shown on 8/9.7.2022 at 8 pm at the Acker Stadt Palast Berlin.
Special Thanks to DIS Tanzen and the wonderful ARTIST:

Baja Kostrunkova Perfomance
Bryn Thomas Perfomance
Christine Solle Perfomance
Jonas Marx Perfomance
Salah Safsaf Perfomance/ Musician
Violet Bani Deldar Perfomance/ Musician
Zuza Salicka Perfomance
Pilar Falco Light/ Support
Katja Keya Richter Choreographie/Projektmanagment/Film

Acker Stadt Palast Theater
produced by Mosso Art
supported by DIS TANZEN

Key Words: 
Who i am now?

8.7.2022 Uraufführung

feel you on this Journey.

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